Bruce A. Maxwell, Associate Professor

Department of Engineering
500 College Ave
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA 19081
<my last name>

Who am I? I am a father, husband, dork brother, pet owner (servant), Professor, Robograd, cook, marathoner, violinist, handyman, and former Viking Death Rat, among other things.

Recent Activities

Workshop in Germany on typology for LOICZ II, which focuses on anthropogenic impacts on the environment, particularly in the coastal zone. Spent Thanksgiving birding in a German national park and had some nice herring for dinner.

Presented our emotional robot with a passion for shirt colors at IROS 2006 in Beijing. Except for the smog, it was a neat place to visit.

Tutorials Chair for CVPR 2006.
Just reviewing for CVPR 2007.

Maintaining the web site for the 2007 AAAI Robot Competition.

Vacation in Alaska (and now have been to all 50 states!). Had a great time and got to see lots of mountains and wildlife.

Presented our work on evaluating camera placement for Urban Search & Rescue robotics (SSRR 2006) in August at NIST.

Working for Tandent Vision Science, Inc. and doing some cool stuff during my sabbatical in the 2005-06 academic year. My first chance to focus on a single project in a decade.

Got the Computer Vision Education web site, back up and running after it was hacked last fall.