AAAI 2007 Robot Competition and Exhibition

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 22-26, 2007

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

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The Sixteenth Annual Robot Competition and Exhibition will be held in Vancouver, BC, from July 23-26, 2007, in conjunction with the Twenty-Second National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. This page contains information and links for potential participants. Questions or comments should be sent to the general co-chairs for 2007:

All teams should watch this page for updated information about the events.

Latest News

  • 7/23/07: Exhibition spotlight schedule posted
  • 7/16/07: Schedule posted
  • 6/18/07: HRI Challenge canceled
  • 4/15/07: Integration challenge canceled
  • 4/6/07: Abstract deadline moved to April 13
  • 3/5/07: Registration page and form posted
  • 3/12/07: Local arrangements chair added

Important Dates

Deadlines for Conference Abstract

Deadlines for Registration

  • April 13 Robot teams interested in including a two-page abstract in the AAAI-07 proceedings must register by this date.
  • April 19 (and on a continuing basis) AAAI sends each registered Robot team leader information packets upon receipt and payment of registration including rules and regulations, shipping instructions, liability disclaimer form, photo/video release form, and AAAI-07 Registration Form
  • April 24 AAAI-07 Proceedings camera-ready paper deadline
  • May 1 Team Leaders send to AAAI:
    • robot name
    • affiliation
    • 100 word description (to be included in conference program)
    • Completed AAAI-07 Registration form
    • signed photo/video release form
    • AAAI-07 Exhibition Liability Disclaimer
  • May 15 Deadline for teams to register their intent to participate on the web site.

Conference Registration Deadlines

Schedule at the Conference

Date Time Event Place
July 22 8:00am-6:00pm Robot move-in Oxford
July 23 8:00am-6:00pm Robot move-in Oxford
8:55am-3:45pmMobile Robot WorkshopRegency A
July 24 10:00am-10:20 Robot Exhibition during coffee break Balmoral Room, third floor
12:30pm-1:50Robot Exhibition during lunch break Balmoral
2:00pm-6:00 SRVC Preliminary Competition Balmoral
4:00pm-4:20Robot Exhibition during coffee break Balmoral
July 25 10:00am-10:20 Robot Exhibition during coffee break Balmoral Room, third floor
12:30pm-1:50Robot Exhibition during lunch break Balmoral
4:00pm-4:20Robot Exhibition during coffee break Balmoral
6:00-10:00pm SRVC Final Competition Balmoral
6:30pm-10:00Robot Exhibition & Awards during AAAI-07 Poster Demo & Reception Balmoral room & area outside Regency Ballroom
July 26 10:00am-1:00 SRVC post-event workshop Cypress room, 34th floor

Registration and Email List

Email list

We would like all interested parties to contact the organizers early if they are considering participating. To participate in rules discussion, and to keep up with the latest events, we are organizing an email list for this year's event.

To subscribe to the AAAI 2007 Robot Competition and Exhibition email discussion list, visit:

The AAAI-Robot listserv page to subscribe and browse the archives. You can view the currently Registered Teams.

To update your registration information, please visit: Please email Jeff or Paul for a password if you don't already have one.

Registration for 2007 is closed.

Teams should submit original receipts for any expenses you are claiming to AAAI after the conference using the Robot Scholarship expense form.

Conference Abstracts

Teams were given the opportunity to submit a 2 page conference abstract describing their work. These abstracts were reviewed by the co-chairs and, if accepted, they will appear in the proceedings of the AAAI conference. For an abstract to be published, the team is required to register for the robot event and submit their registration fee payment to AAAI before the camera-ready deadline.

Venue Information

Local Arrangements Chair: Joseph Yan, University of British Columbia

The hotel website includes floorplans and capacity charts of the conference space.

The Robot Work Area will be available to teams beginning at 8:00am on Sunday, July 22 in Oxford which is located on the third level of the Hyatt (the same level as registration). In addition, there will be an overflow work room, Prince of Wales, just adjacent to Oxford beginning on Monday evening. The Robot Workshop will be held in Regency A, third level. The Robot Exhibition/Competition Area will be in the Balmoral room on the third level which is located off the foyer area of the hotel which is also next to Oxford and Prince of Wales.

The Mobile Robot Workshop

Chad Jenkins, Brown University

There will be a robotics workshop on the second day of the conference, Monday, July 23 as part of the AAAI-07 Workshop Program. Teams who receive travel support must attend and present at the workshop. All other participants are strongly encouraged to attend and present. A research paper will be required within one month after the end of the workshop, and will be published in a workshop proceedings by AAAI.

Please see the Mobile Robot Workshop page for more details.

Semantic Robot Vision Challenge

Paul Rybski, Carnegie Mellon University
Alexei Efros, Carnegie Mellon University

In this competition, robots are given a listing of objects that they must locate and recognize. In order to determine what these objects look like, the robots are given an opportunity to search the web for images of the objects in their list before starting their search. This competition attempts to push the state of the art of semantic image understanding by requiring that robots make use of the wealth of unstructured image data that exist on the Internet today.

We welcome a variety of teams to enter with one or more robots and/or human operators. More specific rules and guidelines will be posted shortly. We particularly encourage object recognition researchers and urban search and rescue teams to consider joining this event.

Please see the Semantic Robot Vision Challenge page for more details.

The Robot Exhibition

Research: Cynthia Breazeal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Education: Zach Dodds, Harvey Mudd College

The mission of the Robot Exhibition is twofold. First, to demonstrate state of the art research in a less structured environment than the competition events. The exhibition gives researchers an opportunity to showcase current robotics and embodied-AI research that does not fit into the competition tasks. Second, the exhibition provides a venue for faculty using robotics in education to present their approaches and experiences. We encourage participation from all areas.

All participants in the robotics events have the opportunity to have a booth on display in the robotics exhibition area during the technical sessions.

Exhibition Spotlight Schedule

Date Time Team Institution
Tuesday, 7/22 10:00 The Institute for Personal Robots in Education Microsoft Research, Georgia Tech, & Bryn Mawr College
10:05 STAIR Stanford University
10:10 Keystone Mixed Reality Autonomous Agents Lab, University of Manitoba
10:15 RoMeLa: Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory Virginia Tech
4:00 Fishtank Assassin Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
4:05 Robotics, Learning, and Autonomy at Brown Brown University
4:10 HMC Harvey Mudd College
4:15 Tekkotsu Cognitive Robotics Carnegie Mellon University
Wed, 7/23 10:05 KSU Willie Kansas State University
10:10 OPTIMOL UIUC-Princeton
4:05 UBC LCI Robotics University of British Columbia
4:10 Sunflowers University of Washington
4:15 Terrapins University of Maryland


Microsoft Research NSF
The Boeing Company

Please contact the co-chairs if you are interested in sponsoring any part of the robot program.

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