AAAI 2005 Robot Challenge Event

Ashley W. Stroupe
Jet Propulsion laboratory

The goal of the Robot Challenge is to work toward the development an interactive social robot. Toward that end, the Challenge requires a robot participate in the AAAI conference. Aspects of conference participation goals include: locating the conference registration desk, registering for the conference, perform volunteer duties, and present talk (and answer questions) at a prescribed time and location. Additionally, the robot should socially interact with other conference participants. Navigational technical challenges include dynamic crowded environments, natural landmark detection, direction understanding and following, and map reading. Social interaction challenges may include natural conversation regarding the robot and the conference and personalization of conversation with recognized individuals (by name, badge, or face). All of these things should be done in as close to the normal environment as possible.

Information for Participants:


Each entrant will be given a time at which they will be featured. Teams are welcome to practice at other times as long as it does not conflict with other exhibition entrants. Each team will need to discuss the needs for their entry (area required, etc) so that we can best coordinate.


Entrants are encouraged to address any or all parts of the Challenge. Certificates will be awarded for outstanding or creative examples of various aspects of the Challenge. Final judging policies will be discussed prior to the event.


Modifications to the environment (to some extent) are permitted in order to improve performance or ensure the safety of the robot and spectators. During the event, crowds are likely to gather so be sure your robot is robust to this. We will try to help make sure that the robot isn't totally obstructed, but beyond that it's up to the robot to navigate around the hall.

Try to keep some distance so that it doesn't look like you are shepherding or controlling the robot. Do make sure to have somebody on hand to talk to the audience and answer questions (and to step in if anything goes wrong!), but it is important that your entry be able to stand on its own without need for explanation. We will be having a talk by each robot (hopefully, or by a human if necessary) so that you can answer questions.

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