AAAI 2005 Open Interaction Event

Ashley W. Stroupe
Jet Propulsion laboratory

The goal of this event is to entertain people using robots and to provide AI and robotics researchers a refreshing venue for demonstrating AI techniques for interactive, entertainment, and social robots. Some of the topics include: navigation, cognitive modeling, perception, emotional state modeling, natural language processing, and human-robot interaction.

Entrants may be any system that demonstrates some level of AI. In particular, we are looking for systems that are entertaining and strongly encourage teams to include human-robot interaction as part of their entry.

Information for Participants:


During the exhibition, each team will have times during which their entry will be featured. Teams may also practice or demonstrate their entries at other times during the exhibition as long as they do not conflict with the featured team. Each team will need to discuss the needs for their entry (area required, etc) so that we can best coordinate.


Judging will be a combination of ratings from audience members, other teams, and the judge panel. Certificates will be awarded for outstanding or creative examples of different types of AI and social interaction. Final judging policies will be discussed prior to the event.


The regular audience at AAAI is becoming increasingly habituated to robots wandering around, and tend to not pay them much attention any more. You will get individuals coming up to your robots and "kicking the tires" a bit (hopefully figuratively, but sometimes literally). You will want to make sure your robot can grab attention. Visitors to the conference will tend to crowd the robot in groups as they come through (particularly during breaks in the conference talks), so your robot ought to be able to handle a press of people and deal with the situation robustly.

For mobile and wandering robots, try to keep some distance so that it doesn't look like you are shepherding or controlling the robot. Do make sure to have somebody on hand to talk to the audience and answer questions (and to step in if anything goes wrong!), but it is important that your entry be able to stand on its own without need for explanation.

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